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Often times a family will find themselves in need of household help that requires duties to be performed that are beyond the scope of what a single housekeeper can offer. If hiring a couple is something that you

and your family have been considering, here are a few of the benefits that come along with employing two people to care for your home.

When you hire a couple, you get the benefit of their combined skills. They will become a professional team that works harmoniously together to ensure the smooth running of your household. In most cases, the couple will live on the property. Often they are husband and wife with years of domestic experience. Their children have grown and they are looking to spend the second part of their lives working together. This means that you will not be a stepping stone in their careers, but will have their complete devotion to your family for the long haul.

In most cases, the woman performs the typical housekeeping duties such as cleaning, cooking, laundry and ironing, and the man takes on the tasks of property maintenance, handyman, chauffer, and butler. Additionally, they will be able to join forces whenever necessary to help with added responsibilities such as shopping, stocking, organizing, party planning and serving.

A domestic couple is an excellent choice for larger homes, estates and vacation homes. They can work in the primary residence, secondary residence, or both. They will be dedicated solely to you and your family and can take on any and all responsibilities required to keep the household and property well-run and properly maintained.

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