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If you are looking for a gardener Helping Hands can place a highly professional gardener who has been fully vetted. We have skilled gardeners to take care of your green and flowered areas. If you need a gardener to care for your gardens, lawns, flowerbeds, flowers, greenhouses, vegetable plots, trees, shrubs, and bushes, give me a call today.

Our professional gardeners are managers who can outsource and supervise anything that they cannot do themselves. They also oversee and manage the ordering of any supplies and equipment needed. We have gardeners who are highly experienced professionals with a good eye for color, expert knowledge in the care of fauna and flora, and a strong creative flair. We expect them to be able to shape shrubbery and bushes, design flowerbeds and parkland into areas of outstanding beauty and relaxation.

If you need a gardener who can also maintain garden machinery and equipment, Helping Hands can find the perfect candidate. W can place a professional gardener who either lives off or on the premises.

We only place employees who have a clean criminal record in the United States and in their country of origin if they are legal immigrants. All of our placements have full working papers. Many of our gardeners have certifications and training. We make sure any gardener we place has proof of identity (photocopy or scan), proof of address, proof of the right to work in the US, a driving license (if necessary), and pay slips from previous professional placements.

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