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Handy Man

Helping Hands is a placement agency for domestic help serving large estates to small cottages. If you are looking for a full time or part-time Handyman,  give us a call.   We have Handymen with diverse skills such as groundskeeping, and regularly perform maintenance throughout the property. Our Handymen can repair machinery, and manage all the equipment on your property.  

They can perform electrical work, carpentry, and plumbing repairs. They can maintain all the structures on your property from painting to cleaning gutters and much more. Our Handymen are managers and work well with other staff members. They can also over-see vendors and contractors working on your property.

Our full and part-time handymen trust your estate like it is their own. Our Handymen have previous private estate experience and will come with excellent references. They are highly vetted and must pass a comprehensive background and drug test. We do an in-depth interview with each handyman candidate to determine their discretion, and loyalty. 

Call Stephanie today for a free consultation on your needs.

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