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Domestic Couples

We have a number of great Domestic Couples who can work inside or outside. Our Domestic Couples can help take care of your home by managing things such as menu preparation, Laundry services, supervising other household staff members, gardening, pet care, and a lot more. Our Domestic couple work together enabling them to handle more duties. All of our Couples know how to manage a formal home.

If you are looking for a Domestic Couple to manage the inside of your home, we have couples who can:

  • Do vehicle maintenance
  • Do deep cleaning
  • Ironing
  • Cooking,
  • Laundry
  • Butler responsibilities
  • Drive
  • Take care of outside furniture
  • Do repairs like plumbing and electric.

Our Outside Domestic couples can:

  • Take care of a pool
  • Do maintenance like plumbing and electrical repair
  • Wash windows
  • Paint the house
  • Take care of vehicles
  • Do gardening and mowing.

Some of our couple can do either inside, or outside work or both. Our Couples are experienced and trained to manage household staffs, plan and run formal dinners and parties, are familiar with smart home technology and can hire and supervise outside vendors.

Call Stephanie today at (301) 251-1475 for a free consultation on your needs.

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