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Helping Hands has placed some of the finest private cooks in the Washington DC region. Many of our cooks have the experience and skill of chefs, but without the formal education. We have a cooks with a wide variety of specialties. Some of our cooks specialize in specific cuisines. From healthy vegan to French and Italian, Helping Hands can provide a cook to suit any family’s needs.

Our cooks will do the grocery shopping, organize and maintain the pantry. We thoroughly vet our cooks so you can be sure they will be highly professional, honest and capable. Our cooks maintain very clean kitchens and can do formal table settings.  We have cooks who can live-in or live-out.  Plus some of our cooks are able to travel. 

If you are looking for a great cook, call Stephanie today at (301) 251-1475 for a free consultantion.

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