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Private Gourmet Chef

If you want to hire a private gourmet chef, you came to the right place. Helping Hands has placed many fine chefs for households in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Many of our private chefs have formal culinary educations. Some have apprenticed in some of the worlds finest restaurants. Some of the duties we expect from our private chefs are menu planning, family and staff meal preparation, and food shopping. Any Private Chef we place can manage pantry inventory, wine pairing, and formal table setting and service.

Any Private Gourmet chef we place must face a stringent screening process that includes references and background checks, extensive in-person interviews, and assessments of the candidates’ abilities to cater to the clients’ exact needs. Our chefs have experience working for many five star restaurants and can cater to your every taste.

We place full and part-time positions. For businesses we have experienced chefs with experience working in a corporate setting. We also place summer chefs if you are looking for a private gourmet chef for your summer home.

Call Stephanie today for a free consultation. (301) 251-1475

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