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Personal Assistant/Personal Secretary

Our personal assistants have a wide variety of skills, similar to a house manager. Every household is unque so the skills and experience of a personal assistant can vary widely. But our personal assistants are very versatile and have the skills needed from being a Home Secretary to performing many of the tasks a House Manager might handle.

The Personal Managers that we place will be experienced working in a household with other staff members and working closely with house managers. They understand all the basic requirements from keeping the family calendar up to date, to creating and maintaining a house book, to running errands and shopping. Most importantly our Personal Assistants are highly vetted to be experienced, professional and loyal. Like all of our placements, our Personal Assistants are all legal to work in the United States and get a complete and thurough background check before we place them.

Call Stephanie today for more information. (301) 251-1474

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