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Is hiring a domestic couple the right choice for my family?

Often times a family will find themselves in need of household help that requires duties to be performed that are beyond the scope of what a single housekeeper can offer. If hiring a couple is something that you

and your family have been considering, here are a few of the benefits that come along with employing two people to care for your home.

When you hire a couple, you get the benefit of their combined skills. They will become a professional team that works harmoniously together to ensure the smooth running of your household. In most cases, the couple will live on the property. Often they are husband and wife with years of domestic experience. Their children have grown and they are looking to spend the second part of their lives working together. This means that you will not be a stepping stone in their careers, but will have their complete devotion to your family for the long haul.

In most cases, the woman performs the typical housekeeping duties such as cleaning, cooking, laundry and ironing, and the man takes on the tasks of property maintenance, handyman, chauffer, and butler. Additionally, they will be able to join forces whenever necessary to help with added responsibilities such as shopping, stocking, organizing, party planning and serving.

A domestic couple is an excellent choice for larger homes, estates and vacation homes. They can work in the primary residence, secondary residence, or both. They will be dedicated solely to you and your family and can take on any and all responsibilities required to keep the household and property well-run and properly maintained.

A Guide To Hiring A Housekeeper

Independent Workers vs. Staffing Agency
You can hire an independent housekeeper yourself or hire one through an agency. There are pros and cons to both. A benefit to hiring through an agency is that they do the screening to ensure that a background check comes up clean. The agency will also make sure the person they send has the skills and temperament to perform the job as promised. However, if you have the time to search and interview candidates, you can save some money.

No matter which way you go, make sure that the person you hire is licensed, insured, and bonded. Being bonded assures that if the housekeeper breaks or damages something in your home or if the housekeeper gets hurt while on the job you will be covered.

Find a Referral
A good way to start looking for a great housekeeper is to ask your family and friends if they have a company or person that they use. One of the great things about using an agency is that they have multiple people who might work out well for your needs.

Interview Candidates
If you hire an good agency, they take care of this. But if you are hiring an independent housekeeper take some time to come up good questions, and make sure that you’re thorough with the interview. Ask questions about what they enjoy about their work. Why did they choose housekeeping as a line of work? Most important, check references, work history, and criminal history.

Decide on a flat fee or an hourly fee
If you hire through an agency you will get a firm rate that will cover everything from wages to insurances. Most agencies offer their staff people on an hourly rate. However for live-in housekeepers they may offer a salary option. But if you are hiring yourself, one of the things that you should decide is if you want to pay by the hour or pay a flat fee. If you pay by the hour, a lot of people worry that a housekeeper will stretch out jobs to take more time. However, paying a flat rate fee might mean the housekeeper rushes through their work. Discuss the options with your chosen housekeeper.

Decide on Tasks
Certain house-cleaning tasks are standard, such as sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing the showers and toilets. However, you might have to negotiate any additional tasks, such as laundry or dishes, to be done regularly. Sometimes, you can also request to add duties a couple of times per year, such as cleaning the fridge or ovens. This is where it hiring an agency can make it easier. A good staffing agency will discuss what tasks you want done and recommend the right person based on your needs and budget.
A housekeeper’s insurance might limit certain duties; for example, house cleaners aren’t often allowed to clean the exterior of windows. Any tasks that require climbing on ladders to great heights, like cleaning chandeliers or the tops of cabinets might be denied, too. Again, this is an area where a staffing agency can help.
If you are considering hiring a housekeeper to free yourself up this year and would like more information don’t hesitate to give me a call.

How To Minimize Stress Over The Holiday Season. Hire A Personal Holiday Chef

One of the reasons Thanksgiving and Christmas are special to all of us are the family memories. A great ways to make lasting family memories is spend time together. By hiring a personal holiday chef, you won’t have to spend the entire day, preparing for the meal or cooking the food for your family dinners and celebrations freeing you up to spend time with those you love the most doing the things you love to do as a family.

Simplify Things

A good private chef can simplify your busy holiday chores by doing the shopping as well as the cooking. A chef can take the guess work out of when to buy by providing the ingredients for your meal. This assures that you will have the freshest ingredients. As an expert in the culinary arts, a good chef will make sure that the ingredients for your meal are in peak condition when they are used for your meal resulting in an experience you and your family won’t soon forget.

Clean Up

Perhaps the best thing about hiring a personal holiday chef is not having to clean up afterwards. That means you won’t have to worry about these duties freeing you up to enjoy your guests rather than scrubbing pots and pans or directing your household staff. Then you can rest after your guests have left, and everything will be in its proper place in your kitchen in the morning.

Considering hiring a chef for the holidays? Contact us today so we can discuss your needs and schedule you one of our premier personal chefs.