(301) 251-1475 slhecht@comcast.net

Private Cooks

We place private cooks with a variety of experience and capabilities are available for your home or business. These candidates have the skills and talent of gourmet chef without some of the official credentials.  They are talented in offering tantalizing food preparation for any palate. Our cooks can handle responsibilities such as:

  • Managing meal planning and prep
  • Menu planning
  • Serving
  • Accommodating dietary needs
  • Grocery shopping and ingredient sourcing
  • Catering and overseeing/assisting with staff for special events/functions
  • Keeping the kitchen stocked, organized and pristine

If you want a full or part time cook who is fully vetted, professional and discreet, call Stephanie today at (301) 251-1475. Helping Hands is not a job board but a private agency serving the most discerning customers.

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