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Professional Nannies
Many of our nannies have chosen the childcare profession as their long-term career. They are happy to make a minimum one-year commitment to a family, though many of our nannies stay with their families for five or more years.

Some of the most common nanny placements we make are:

Full-Time Nanny: A permanent full-time nanny manages your children’s daily routine and becomes a partner to your family. Full-time nannies generally work 40-55 hours per week. Many full-time nannies are live-in and reside within the home of the family they work for.

Part-Time Nanny: A permanent part-time nanny has the same training and qualifications as a full-time nanny, but works a shorter week. These positions are typically sought for after-school care, but may also cover morning or daytime needs. Finding a part-time nanny can be especially challenging as most professional nannies prefer to work full-time.

Family Assistant: Family assistants typically work for families with school age children, managing the household and caring for your children. This is a full time job requiring considerable experience. Many of our family assistants have college degrees. Some common duties include:

  • Running errands

  • Supervising other household staff

  • Preparing meals and snacks for the children

  • Helping with homework

  • Providing transportation for the children

Summer Nanny: Our summer nannies are active, bright, and energetic college students and school teachers from across the country. They can provide daily care and assist with your children’s daily summer activities as well as accompany you on vacation if desired. Summer nannies typically begin their positions in late May/early June and conclude in August. We encourage clients to begin the summer nanny search process as early as March.

Nursemaids (Newborns) for your new baby are very helpful in the first few weeks.  Right after a baby is born can be a hectic time for a family and having a qualified nursemaid allows for a much easier household transition.

A nursemaid can help with both your newborn child and be an extra set of hands helping older siblings adjust to a change in your family dynamic. Usually this is a short term placement of a few weeks. Stephanie can arrange for a qualified, smart, and capable woman for this position.

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