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We can place a highly professional laundress to manage the laundering and organizing all of the clothing and linens in your household. Our laundresses know how to care for all types of garments, and how to store and clean them. We can place laundresses who can do the following jobs:
Washing and ironing,

  • Steaming-operating Mangle
  • Altering and mending various garments
  • Organizing the principal’s wardrobe according to season
  • Maintain inventory of wardrobe, linens, beddings and towels

Our Laundresses may work either full-time or part-time depending on the size of the family and the amount of laundry that needs care. They are experienced with modern washing machines, dryers, irons and the operation of a mangle. If you have a particular affinity for clothing and its care, talk to me about hiring one of our professional laundresses.

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