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Estate Manager

For those who have larger properties to manage, we are an Estate Manager placement agency. Our Estate managers are very experienced and professional. They understand that they are the gatekeeper of your property and represent you. You’ll find our Estate Managers to be strong leaders so they are able to efficiently manage household staffs. 

Our Estate Managers focus on the big picture. They oversee all aspects of running the home inside and out. They are the head of the household when you are not there. An Estate manager from Helping Hands can be counted on to be very discreet, loyal, and trusted because our Estate Managers are heavily vetted.  We do a rigorous background check and require strong references.  

An experienced Estate Manager from Helping Hands can set and manage the budget to operate the estate. They can also Train and supervise your household staff. You’ll find an Estate Manager from Helping Hands to well organized and have an eye for detail. Typically our Estate Managers will meet with you on regular basis to discuss any projects, events, and general things that need to be done. They will prepare and manage the budget for the estate. They will manage staff scheduling, supervise all outside and inside staff, and all business aspects of the property.

Give Stephanie a call today for a free consultation on your needs.

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