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Domestic Staffing

  • Housekeepers with experience and a caring attitude for your home and possessions is a specialty of Helping Hands. Based on your needs, part time and full time candidates will be offered to clean your home from “top to bottom” including windows, floors, laundry, silver and any other tasks you need performed.
  • Laundress are available for those who desire the pristine look and feel of freshly laundered and pressed garments and linens. If you desire a professional person in this position, then Stephanie will find you the perfect applicant.
  • Couples husband and wife teams are available for larger home settings. Usually the male (husband) works as a handyman, chauffer, gardener, butler and server while the female (wife) is the housekeeper and cook. Stephanie has placed many couples into homes in the greater Washington DC metro area who provide an unbeatable team to their employers.
  • Houseman is your in-home handyman. Stephanie has placed housemen in a variety of home situations; from the largest estate to the coziest cottage. A houseman is capable of full electric work, plumbing, painting, carpentry and other handyman duties. Outdoors, a houseman can wash your car, care for your pool, do basic gardening and just about any other outdoor need you may have.
  • Gardeners are available for employment in homes having special horticultural needs. If lush flowers, pristine grass, and fresh produce is at the top of your list, then Helping Hands can provide candidates who will make this dream a reality.
  • Private Gourmet Chefs are available for positions to prepare the most exquisite cuisine for your home or business. Our chefs have experience working for many five star restaurants and can cater to your every taste.
  • Cooks with a variety of experience and capabilities are available for your home or business. These candidates have the skills and talent of gourmet chef without official credentials.  They are talented in offering tantalizing food preparation for any palate.
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