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Companion Care For Seniors

For those who require personal care, but do not require a medical professional at all times, we offer companions that can assist with the day-to-day necessities of living while maintaining your loved one’s dignity. We specialize in finding high quality non-skilled care givers to help. One of our non-skilled elder home care assistants can help yo maintain a close relationship with your loved ones while giving them the stability they need.

Our Companion Care for Seniors offers assistance for older adults who just need some assistance to live safely and comfortably at home. Care typically includes running errands like shopping for groceries or picking up medications for seniors. Our Companions can plan and prepare meals, perform light housekeeping, do laundry and make sure your elder takes their medications correctly. 

Our caregivers help your elder’s with their favorite activities or hobbies. They accompany your elder to doctor’s appointments or social gatherings, walks or to just be there for company.  This helps avoid your elder from feeling isolated and alone.

Call Stephanie for a free consultation with you and your loved one. After your consultation, Stephanie will propose a custom senior care plan tailored to meet the needs of your elder love one. Call (301) 251-1475

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