Child Care

  • Nannies are only considered who have experience and proper work credentials. Stephanie Hecht, the owner of Helping Hands, always personally interviews each candidate for your position. Only Stephanie, not other staff members, will discuss with you a potential candidate for your employment. Only carefully screened candidates with matching criteria will be offered to you.
  • Filipino Nannies are a specialty of Helping Hands. We have been working with the Philippine community for over 25 years and has placed highly educated and competent Filipino nannies who are warm and loving.
  • American Nannies with bachelor’s or advance degrees are available upon request. These are excellent candidates for childcare especially where there is a need for special education, disabilities, or other special needs.
  • Nursemaids (Newborns) for your new baby are very helpful in the first few weeks.  Right after a baby is born can be a hectic time for a family and having a qualified nursemaid allows for a much easier household transition.  A nursemaid can help with both your newborn child and be an extra set of hands helping older siblings adjust to a change in your family dynamic. Usually this is a short term placement of a few weeks. Stephanie can arrange for a qualified, smart, and capable woman for this position.