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Professional Chauffeurs

We place professional chauffeurs to work full time or part time, live in or live out. Our Chauffeur have full time experience and have clean driving records. You’ll find our professional drivers/chauffers have a good knowledge of your geographical area. They also have a great deal etiquette training. We have chauffeurs who are experience driving for business people and families. 

While some chauffeurs will only drive, many of our chauffeurs will help other household staff members with related duties like running errands, keeping the walkways clear, maintaining your vehicles and more. 

A Chauffeur can be privy to personal and business information. That’s why Helping Hands heavily screens all of our Chauffeurs for their discretion, work history, driving history, knowledge of etiquette, and loyalty. We also do a rigorous background check.

Give Stephanie a call today for a fee consultation on your needs. 

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