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Professional Butlers

Our Butlers are trained in every aspect of personal service. For those who desire the ultimate pampering, we have some of the finest butlers in the Washington DC region. Our butlers are trained and experienced in proper etiquette and dress and will become your personal goto employee.

A butler from Helping Hands will be able to manage other household staff members. Our butlers are experienced in managing the entire housekeeping staff and general maintenance.

The professional butlers from Helping Hands greet guests, serve meals and beverages, and know how to set formal tables. They are experienced with mixology, wines, and gourmet cuisine. Many of our butlers can also plan and prepare foods. 

If you are looking for a highly professional and skilled butler who will keep all your silver, brass, crystal and china clean, do housekeeping, answer phones, manage vendors and contractors, drive and more, call Stephanie today for free consultation on your specific needs.

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